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  • Country Club of Missouri

Our club was chartered on April 24, 1970. We currently have around 80 members, including over 90 Paul Harris Fellow, over 50 Sustaining Members and one Benefactor

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Named in honor of Rotary’s founder, a Paul Harris Fellow is the distinction afforded a person who contributes, or in whose name is contributed, US$1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.


The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs.


The Rotary Foundation is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world. Columbia-Northwest and its members have been very strong supporters of the Foundation since our inception.


Columbia Northwest Paul Harris Fellows

(Active Members Only Listed)
(+1 – $2,000+, +2 – $3,000+, +3 – $4,000+)


Atkins, Cathy

Betz, LC (+1)

Boren, Tom

Bouchard, Chris (+2)

Callahan, Doug

Carney, George

Cleek, Jr., John (+1)

Colgin, Larry

Danuser, David

Diel, Mendy

Doroghazi, Robert M.

Eiffert, Brad (+1)

Fay, Elton W. (+2)

Flanagan, Michael S. (+2)

Foote, Bryan (+1)

Foreman, Mark (+4)

Foster, Scott

Gingrich, Andrew R. (+2)

Hassemer, Mark (+3)

Hoien, Todd (+1)

Horner, Sr., David A. (+2)

Hughes, William A.

Keller, John

Kliethermes, Cale

Leeper, Alice

Lee, T. Andy (+1)

Long, Steve

Matson Jr., Donald F. (+3)

Mattli, Greg (+2)

McCoig, Larry +1)

McNutt, Nicholas C. (+1)

Mead, Larry E. (+4)

Meyer, Jim

Meyer, Lisa (+1)

Mohatt, John C. (+2)

Moore, Anne K. (+1)

Mueller, Randall (+3)

Mullette, John

Neale, Kathy Lou

Politte, Lenard L. (+1)

Rader, Jerome (+2)

Rhoades, John D. (+2)

Ries, Dave

Roach, Nelly

Royer, Richard (+1)

Runyan, Shara L. (+4)

Schreiner, Aric

Scotten, Daniel (+4)

Scribner, Bob

Simon, Craig

Smith, Jack (+1)

Sutherland, Scott

Trabue, Tom (+1)

Upton, Marilyn

Vom Saal, Kathi (+2)

Waltman, Donald D. (+3)

Weagley, Robert (+1)



Country Club of Missouri
1300 Woodrail Ave
Columbia, MO 65203

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